Transparent Network Migration

Network migration using Clear Channel Smart SFPs to transport a PDH or SONET/SDH signal over an Ethernet network, fully transparently.

Available Product Options

Channelized Network Migration

Network migration using Channelized SFPs to transport a channelized PDH or SONET/SDH signal over an Ethernet network

Available Product Options

Rate Adaptation

Next-generation switches support 10G and above port speeds while 1G might still be required. The rate adaption portfolio provides a solution to overcome a rate mismatch.

Available Product Options

Smart SFP Management

The Smart SFP device family of products integrates intelligent and innovative system functions into an SFP module. To remotely configure and monitor these functions, several options are available depending on the used Smart SFP type, environment and use-case of the Smart SFP.

Custom Design Solutions

AimValley is the global leader in Smart SFPs. We have managed to fit a tremendous amount of technology into the physical size and power constraints of a pluggable SFP. Whether you are looking for TDM/SDH/SONET circuit emulation over packet or intelligent OAM devices for Service Assurance, we have the right solutions for your network.

With many years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing state-of-the-art Smart SFP solutions, our engineers and support team are exceptionally well-equipped to design any Smart SFP according to your requirements.

Possible Customizations

We also provide Design Services to NEMs to augment their own product designs.
For example, we provide the design of an interface card, FPGA application, and in many cases the design of the entire product including mechanical housing, power supply, electronics, FPGA code, software and any other connectivity related application.

From product idea to realization.  We can step in at any phase of your development cycle. If you are looking for a tailor made solution, contact one of our design engineers.

Your Requirements - our Design!