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About Smart SFP™

Experience the power of simplicity of next-generation transceivers

Smart SFPs bring simplicity to your network by design. Integrating network functions to transceivers, Smart SFPs can replace several devices in your network. You decrease the overall number of devices used in your network, thereby making your network much simpler. With a simple network, you can lower overall power consumption as well as carbon footprint and reduce your OPEX. Smart SFPs are zero footprint solution and CAPEX gets lower for the same level of network enhancement by simply replacing existing transceivers.

Integrating packet processors in transceivers, Smart SFPs are next-generation transceivers which will introduce intelligence to your network in the most cost-effective way. In conformance with MSA, they operate in the entire Industrial Temperature range. By simply replacing existing transceivers with Smart SFPs, you can provide better service to your customer. Smart SFPs are jointly developed by OE Solutions and AimValley.

About OE Solutions

OE Solutions is a global technology leader in optical transceivers for both wireless and wireline markets. For more than 10 years, OE Solutions has provided innovative, intelligent and green solutions to empower faster and richer communication, delivering the greatest satisfaction to its customers. OE Solutions is headquartered in Gwangju, South Korea, with R&D center in USA, design center in Netherlands and business centers worldwide. For more information, please visit

About AimValley

AimValley provides state-of-the-art technological solutions for telecommunications and data communication systems providers. The company offers a full range of system level services including product definition and architecture, software design, systems testing, hardware design, and factory introduction. From stand-alone consultancy to comprehensive turnkey solutions, AimValley builds on its experience at leading telecom suppliers and technology research labs. For more information about AimValley, please visit