CPoP Channelized PDH over Packet Smart SFP™ converts a T3 signal (also known as DS3) via M13 function to DS1 pseudo wires using SAToP TDM over packet.

Designed in conformance with the Small Form Factor Pluggable 20-pin Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), CPoP Smart SFP™ can replace an existing SFP in a router or a switch and transport DS1 pseudo wires across a packet network. CPoP Smart SFP™ enables T1/T3 access network migration to packet by replacing T3 multiplexing equipment such as a M13mux or a small T3 DCS. The use of standard pseudo wires ensures interop with other SAToP equipment, including TPoP T1 and channelized OC-3 CSoP Smart SFP™. The integration of CPoP into an SFP greatly reduces system and network complexity, and offers lower carbon footprint while generating CAPEX and OPEX savings. CPoP capabilities are complemented with a Gigabit Ethernet system interface. The Smart SFP™ provides a mini coax 75 Ohm T3 interface supporting a cable length of 450 ft. It is designed to operate at an industrial temperature range.

Optionally, an API is available to facilitate tight integration in existing equipment and management systems. Alternatively, the Smart Device Manager application allows configuration and helps to monitor relevant parameters.

Your Benefits

  • Migrate T3 trunk lines to packet
  • Aggregation of low fil T3 links
  • Wireline network migration
  • Very compact size
  • Interoperability with SAToP equipment
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Total cost reduction
  • Industrial temperature range