TPoP (Transparent PDH over Packet) Smart SFP converts E1 or T1 traffic to a packet stream using RFC4553 SAToP TDM over packet pseudowire technology.

Designed in conformance with the Small Form Factor Pluggable 20-pin Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), TPoP Smart SFP can replace an existing SFP in a router or a switch and transports PDH traffic across a packet network. TPoP Smart SFP is a plug-and-play device which can be used without any provisioning and simplifies configuration and service turn-up of E1/T1 connections across a packet network. The integration of TPoP into an SFP greatly reduces system and network complexity, offers lower carbon footprint, and brings CAPEX and OPEX savings.

TPoP capabilities are complemented with a Gigabit Ethernet system interface. It provides a RJ45 120 Ohm balanced (E1) or 100 Ohm balanced (T1) interface. It is designed to operate at industrial temperature range.

Optionally, an API and SNMP MIBs are available to facilitate integration in existing equipment and management systems. This management interface allows configuration and helps to monitor relevant parameters.

Your Benefits

  • TDM over Packet
  • Wireless backhaul systems
  • Migrate E1/T1 into channelized SAToP
  • Very compact size
  • Low carbon footprint – green solution
  • Overall cost reduction

New Telecom Product - TPoP T3

The TPoP (Transparent PDH over Packet) T3 device is a Smart SFP pluggable to transport a T3 (DS-3) across an Ethernet network. This TPoP T3 uses the SAToP (RFC4553) protocol to convert T3 packets into a single stream of Ethernet packets and is designed to seamlessly interwork with the regular NEM high-density cards on the market. This network migration device extends the already available T3 product line which exists of a T3 over packet Smart SFP using CEP (RFC4842) and the CPoP T3 which is a channelized Smart SFP capable of de-multiplexing a DS3 into 28 individual DS1 pseudowires.