The Smart SFP device family of products integrates intelligent and innovative system functions into an SFP module.
To remotely configure and monitor these functions, several options are available depending on the used Smart SFP type, environment and use-case of the Smart SFP.

Plug & Play

Applicable Smart SFPs


Vendor independent Smart SFPs that can be used without any additional SFP configuration required, utilizing our plug-and-play configuration. Each of the emulated TDM services will need to be put into a tunnel such as a VLAN to isolate the services from each other. Optionally counters can be retrieved on the connected TDM end-equipment and the Ethernet host-system.

Interface Types

Due to the added complexity, channelized Smart SFPs are not available with a vendor independent plug-and-play configuration. Contact us (‘Talk to an Expert’), if you have a specific use-case.

Full Management

Applicable Smart SFPs


Having access to all management features of the Smart SFPs is possible with our  Smart SFP API software library called ‘Titan API’.

We work together with (almost) all major network equipment manufacturers to natively support the management of the Smart SFPs in network managers and host-system CLIs with the use of our Titan API.

Contact one of our experts, if you are interested in integrating our Titan API in your system.

What are your buying options?

Does your application fit our plug-and-play approach? Contact us directly:

Does your application not support our plug-and-play approach? Or do you need full management?
Contact your preferred network equipment supplier how they can support your use-case with Smart SFPs.