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Smart SFP Management

The Smart SFP device family of products integrates intelligent and innovative system functions into an SFP module and a small Carrier-Class transport NID.

To remotely configure and monitor these functions, several options are available depending on the environment and application of the Smart SFP.

Plug & Play

Preconfigured Smart SFPs are supplied to simply plug in without any additional configuration. In this deployment option, the switches and routers are used to fix the path of the packetized TDM stream. For example, using VLANs.

Smart SFP Device Manager

AimValley’s Smart SFP Device Manager (SDM) is a software application that can be used to configure each Smart SFP.
For example, to configure pseudowire settings.

Titan Integration Software

Titan software contains a set of high-level APIs that NEMs integrate into their switches, routers, and optical transport network elements. The advantage of having integrated Titan software is the ability to configure, control, change and monitor Smart SFPs across your network.
For example, changing the channel assignments in a transported DS3 or SONET/SDH environment. Most major NEMs have chosen to integrate Titan.