The 1G10G Rate Adaptation SFP™ provides a solution for customers that need an optical 1G interface for newer generation routers and switches that only support ports with interface  rates such as 10/25/100/400G.

Internally the 1G10G Rate Adaptation Smart SFP™ uses a 1G to 10G bridge function processor to convert the 1GbE optical signal into a 10GbE data rate to the host system and vice-versa.
This bridge function is fully transparent for all frames, including jumbo frames,
except for pause frames (which will be dropped).

Furthermore, it facilitates bi-directional Synchronous Ethernet to sustain
network-wide frequency synchronization among devices.
The 1G10G Rate Adaptation SFP™ is ideal for high-end systems (10G and up) that require connection to installed systems that only support 1 GbE interfaces, such as:

  • Management interfaces
  • Timing interfaces
  • Legacy 1G Ethernet equipment

Having a 1G to 10G bridge function in a Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) will give more deployment flexibility, delivering lower rack-space use, lower power & carbon footprint and an overall cost saving.


Your Benefits

  • Simple interface range extension
  • Power and noise reduction
  • Space saving
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Total cost reduction


The 1G10G Rate Adaptation SFP™ can be used as any regular SFP as the bridge function will be configured and enabled in the factory:

  • Whenever the SFP is inserted in a system, it will start the bridge function and can be used directly.
  • As the SFP does not support pause-frames or the processing of protocols with similar function, rate shaping in the direction 10G to 1G needs to be performed by the host-system.
  • Any excess packets that cannot fit the outgoing 1G interface will be dropped.
  • While management is possible for equipment manufactures by integrating our Titan API into the host system, it is not mandatory. Optional management will give access to, for example, counters, link status information and some configurables.

Functional Overview



Connector type

  • LC

Optical transceiver

  • Duplex fiber
  • Up to 10km reach

Industrial operating tem. range

  • -40°C to 85°C

Maximum power consumption

  • 1.9W