There is never a good time to receive the news that a critical chip or component has gone to end-of-life. Especially in sectors like telecom, healthcare, and utilities, where a product longevity of 15 years or more is expected.

Today, many LIU chips for E1/DS1 and DS3 line interfaces have become obsolete and are jeopardizing the supply continuity of older products.

  • Finding a standard replacement is not always possible.
  • A redesign of existing products is costly and time consuming, in particular when low volumes are an impeding factor.

How do you solve these obsolescent component headaches?

AimValley’s pluggable Smart SFPs are a quick & easy solution.
We have developed turnkey products to replace legacy E1/DS1 and DS3 with a Smart SFP. Simply insert the Smart SFP in a GbE switch port and easily build a Plug & Play E1/DS1 or DS3 over packet solution.
Smart SFPs can be deployed for transparent and channelized network migration applications and their compact size is ideal when space is limited.

Watch the video to find out Smart SFPs solve your component challenges.

So, why not let Smart SFP take care of your component challenges!