May 26, 2022, Hilversum, The Netherlands – International telecommunications design services company AimValley, today announces that it built 100,000 Smart SFPs. This milestone enables over 2.1 million TDM circuit emulation pseudowires in telecom networks worldwide.

Just over 10 years ago, OE Solutions and AimValley jointly conceived the Smart SFP idea and started to build a comprehensive and feature-rich Smart SFP portfolio. The idea was built upon the strengths of both companies, by joining transceiver technology with systems and network technology.

A match made in technology heaven!

It all started with a Link OAM device, swiftly followed by its feature-rich brother, a service OAM SFP. Thousands were sold to all major NEMs worldwide, ensuring the high reliability of telecom networks. Currently, these OAM devices are part of our service assurance Smart SFP range.

Today, we have built an extensive portfolio of Smart SFPs that provide you with a quick & easy solution for your network transformation. Whether you are looking to transport your PDH or SONET/SDH signals over an Ethernet network or want to extend the lifecycle of your legacy interfaces, just simply insert our Smart SFP in a GbE port, and you build your plug & play packet solution