OE Solutions and AimValley jointly developed the Smart SFP™, a new class of SFP that integrates intelligent and innovative system functions into an SFP module. Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) tools are essential for service turn-up and Service Level Assurance in IP networks. The Smart SFP™ provides operators with these tools for monitoring and troubleshooting IP services by simply replacing a conventional SFP with a Smart SFP™. This solution reduces system and network complexity, and offers lower carbon footprint while generating CAPEX & OPEX savings.

The TWAMP Smart SFP™ modules provide customers an easy solution for monitoring and troubleshooting using standardized protocols at various operational layers:

  • IP layer service monitoring using TWAMP Light according to RFC5357
  • Physical layer monitoring via remote DDMI digital diagnostics monitoring retrieval

These integrated OAM capabilities are complemented with Gigabit Ethernet wire speed and very low latency. The Smart SFP™ serves a wide range of optical and reach applications: duplex fiber, single fiber bidirectional, and single wavelength bidirectional, including CWDM with reaches up to 80 km at industrial temperature range. An API is available to facilitate the integration in existing equipment and management systems. This management interface allows for configuration and monitoring of relevant parameters. The Smart SFP™ transceivers are compatible with the Small Form Factor Pluggable 20-pin Multi-Source Agreement (MSA).

Your Benefits

  • TWAMP Light Reflector
  • Layer 3 Loss and Delay Measurement
  • Very compact size
  • Available in wide range of optics
  • Industrial Temperature range
  • Low carbon footprint – Green solution
  • Overall cost reduction