Los Angeles, March 20, 2017 — OE Solutions and AimValley proudly announce their portfolio of Network Migration Smart SFPs is complete. Offering TDM services on your packet Network is easier than ever with a plug and play Smart SFP solution available for every TDM service from 1.5 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps.
The family of Network Migration Smart SFP modules enables a smooth transition from legacy TDM towards all packet networks. These SFPs convert PDH or SONET/SDH signals to a packet stream. Operators now have a cost-effective alternative: instead of upgrading systems with dedicated TDM over Packet cards or installing new equipment they can simply add the Smart SFP to any router or packet switch where a TDM service is demanded.
Adding legacy PDH or SDH/SONET services to a packet network only requires two simple steps. First, you provision an EPL service in your packet network. Second, you insert a Smart SFP at each endpoint of the EPL service. That is all it takes to set up a highly reliable point to point connection such as an E1 service to a legacy base station!
For a more complex application like PDH to SONET aggregation the steps are similar. The Smart SFPs are inserted at the locations where an PDH or SONET service is required. Using EPL or EVPL the connections in the network are set up to aggregate the legacy services, like a T1 service aggregation into an OC-3 service.

Many customers are already enjoying the benefits of the Smart SFP, such as reduced power, complexity and real estate, resulting in clear CAPEX and OPEX savings. As the Smart SFP supports the industrial temperature range and is available with various optical and electrical interfaces, there is a Smart SFP available for every application.

“Our innovative Network Migration Smart SFPs are opening up new markets and applications. This demonstrates the technology leadership of OE Solutions in the transceiver market” said Y.K. Park, CEO of OE Solutions.

Visit OE Solutions at the OFC, Booth 3331, in Los Angeles, CA, USA, from March 21-23, 2017.
For more information contact us at sales@smartsfp.com.

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