GWANGJU, Korea and HILVERSUM, The Netherlands, September 26, 2013 – OE Solutions and AimValley extend their portfolio of TSoP Smart Transceivers to include OC-48 over Ethernet.

In Carrier Ethernet networks the TSoP Smart XFP™ and Smart SFP™ enable operators to migrate and integrate their SONET/SDH transport network into a single technology packet network using cost-effective and low footprint modules.

Network operators that plan to upgrade their networks from SONET to Ethernet packet switched technology need to consider how to migrate their customers’ services.
The TSoP protocol offers network operators an interesting solution for upgrading their network from SONET to Packet, while preserving SONET connectivity for their customers. The upgrade to Ethernet is done by adding TSoP Smart SFPs and XFPs on the newly installed Ethernet switch equipment. The TSoP Smart Transceiver processes the SONET/SDH signal with full transparency, maintaining payload structure, protection protocols and synchronization end-to-end; this simplifies the configuration and service turn-up of SONET/SDH connections across a packet network

The TSoP Smart Transceivers can be used in several applications where existing services need to be preserved during network migration. The TSoP module enables efficient and cost-effective migration of a SONET access network to Carrier Ethernet, eases the upgrade of SDH microwave links to Gigabit Ethernet packet radio and makes efficient use of DWDM wavelengths possible by adding a TSoP module to a switched Ethernet muxponder card in a WDM system.

“With our new XFP module we can support much higher bandwidths. We have set the next step in the Smart Transceiver revolution by supporting up to 10G wire speed packet processing on our new platform. This will open up a whole new range of applications”, says John Kwak, Director of Business Development at OE Solutions.
The TSoP Smart XFP™ is sampling with OC-48/STM-16 optical interface per ITU-T and GR-CORE specifications and will support various optical reaches over Extended Temperature range.

OE Solutions and AimValley will demonstrate the new TSoP Smart XFP™ module at the Ethernet & SDN expo in New York, October 2-3, 2013. For more information see or contact us at