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Saturn Smart Device Gateway

Smart Devices

The Smart Device family of products integrates intelligent and innovative system functions into an SFP module and a small Carrier Class Transport NID. To remotely configure and monitor these functions several options are available, depending on the environment and application of the Smart Device:

  • Titan API for integration into equipment
  • EchoVault NMS for SLA monitoring
  • Saturn SNMP gateway

Saturn is the SNMP gateway for Smart Device Management. As it is using the widely accepted SNMP standard, it allows for easy integration in existing management systems. Functionality to discover new devices, configure parameters and monitor the status are supported using easy to understand SNMP MIBs. Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM) is fully supported to enable both on-site and remote checking of optical
power levels. Deploying Smart Devices in your network enables the measurement of key SLA parameters.

Your Benefits

  • SNMP management of Smart Devices
  • Scalable solution for every network size
  • Automatic Device Discovery
  • Advanced Fault Management and
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Configuration backup and restore

Scalable Solution

Saturn is architected to support both small and large networks. By adding additional processing power to your server platform Saturn can scale from a small network up to a large network of more than 10.000 Smart SFPs or NIDs. Saturn supports virtualization to ease the use of scalable server platforms. The licensing model of Saturn also supports a ‘pay as you grow’ model to limit the costs to the current needs.


Management of network migration or demarcation Smart SFP

Easy Integration

For automated reporting of critical information, Saturn can generate traps and notifications to a central fault collection system. By importing the SNMP alarm MIB a management system can be easily set up to display human readable alarm information. This allows you to inform your maintenance team as soon as possible of problems in your network. Saturn supports standard SNMP get and set operations for day to day management. By importing the SNMP provisioning MIBs in your preferred management system, retrieving the status of your Smart Devices or changing the configuration can be done in the same way as with any SNMP managed device. Several tools exist to automate the use of SNMP commands, allowing batch provisioning of the devices in your network. After a simple configuration of your Saturn system you will benefit from true Plug and Play behavior for the Smart Devices in your network.

Device Management

Saturn automatically discovers Smart Devices in your network, and using automated provisioning features as present in several SNMP management systems, it is straightforward to automate the provisioning and monitoring of newly discovered devices. The built-in database makes your network reliable by providing automated configuration backups and manual configuration restore. Advanced features like alarm severity assignment profiles, alarm history log, binning of Performance Monitoring data and user security allow Saturn to be used in the most demanding telecommunication environments.