Network Migration Smart SFP™

Network Migration Smart SFP enables smooth service migration from TDM SONET/ SDH or PDH networks to Packet networks.


TPoP (Transparent PDH over Packet) Smart SFP™: TPoP Smart SFP converts E1 or T1 traffic to a packet stream using RFC 4553 SAToP TDM over packet pseudowire technology. Interworking with other SAToP devices, you can aggregate E1/ T1 signals.

CSoP (Channelized SONET/SDH over Packet) Smart SFP™ : CSoP Smart SFP helps to migrate your SDH or SONET network to packet switched network. It converts a dully channelized SONET/ SDH signal into a packet stream using RFC4553 SAToP TDM over packet pseudowire technology.

VCoP (STS Channelized SONET over Packet) Smart SFP™ : VCoP Smart SFP helps to migrate your SONET network to packet switched network. It uses RFC4842 CEP TDM over Packet pseudowire technology to convert a channelized SONET signal into a packet stream.

TSoP (Transparent SONET/SDH over Packet) Smart SFP™ : TSoP Smart SFP is a solution to migrate your TDM networks to packet networks. It forwards SONET/SDH signals fully transparently, maintaining embedded payload structure, protection protocols and end-to-end synchronization.

EoS (Ethernet over SONET/SDH) Smart SFP™ : EoS Smart SFP is a solution to connect your packet networks across TDM networks. It creates a point to point Ethernet connection using an SDH or SONET circuit.