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Ethernet OAM Smart SFP™


  • Gigabit Ethernet network demarcation
  • End-to-end service assurance
  • Link and Service OAM (CFM and Y.1731)
  • Service Activation Test loopback (Y.1564)
  • Very compact size
  • Low carbon footprint – Green solution
  • Overall cost reduction


Designed in conformance with the Small Form Factor Pluggable 20-pin Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), Ethernet OAM Smart SFP provides Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) tools for Service Activation Test and Service Level Assurance in Carrier Ethernet network.

Ethernet OAM Smart SFP uses standardized protocols and tools to monitor and troubleshoot a network:

  • Physical layer monitoring via remote digital diagnostics and Link OAM
  • Service Assurance using Ethernet OAM, Y.1731
  • Service Activation Test for Y.1564 and RFC2544
  • Service Creation and demarcation with VLAN tag2

The integrated OAM capabilities are complemented with Gigabit Ethernet wire speed throughput with a low latency. By reducing system and network complexity, Ethernet OAM Smart SFP™ offers lower carbon footprint and brings CAPEX and OPEX savings.

An API and SNMP MIBs are available to facilitate the integration in existing equipment and management systems. The Saturn Management gateway provides a highly scalable platform for configuration and monitoring of all service parameters.

Ethernet OAM Smart SFP is available in a wide range of optical and reach applications: duplex, single, or bidirectional with reaches up to 80 km in versions for Link OAM, Service OAM Inititiator, Service OAM Responder and Multi-Service including Service Activation Test loopback.